Waste of a Mountain

How Yucca Mountain Was Selected, Studied, and Dumped



Waste of a Mountain presents the story of the effort to dispose of spent nuclear fuel and high level radioactive waste at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.


The book also describes the history of the United States government’s actions that created the first-ever quantity of high-level radioactive waste and then managed it while the government developed the means, and completed the effort, to identify the approach and location to permanently dispose of that waste. It covers a time frame of more than seventy years and describes the nation’s journey through technically complicated, and societally and politically treacherous territories to unearth and implement the capability to dispose of high-level radioactive waste.


The book presents the extensive story of the Yucca Mountain siting effort in a manner that reflects a perspective from inside the project.All proceeds from the sale of the book have been donated to the Museum and will support the Yucca Mountain exhibits at the Museum.


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July 14, 2017

Dangerous Cargo Moving Through Nevada

As the debate over Yucca Mountain heats up once again, so does the objection from most of Nevada's top political brass. It's been a hot-button issue over the years with state leaders objecting strongly over safety concerns...

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July 22, 2017

Air Force Chief Objects to Yucca Mountain Nuclear Routes

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson sees a need to protect the space frontier and envisions bolstering the ranks of drone warfare all while preserving the vast Southern Nevada range that shrinks as fighter jets zip faster across it.



July 20, 2017

Edward Davis, USNIC: Senate kicks the can down the road again on Yucca Mountain and nuclear waste stalemate

Edward Davis, former President  of the American Nuclear Council, Senior Fellow, Nuclear Infrastructure Council.



July 18, 2017

Senate panel OKs spending bill without funds for restarting

A Senate subcommittee approved a spending bill Tuesday that does not include the Trump administration’s request for $120 million to restart the nuclear licensing at Yucca Mountain in Nevada or explore temporary storage of a stockpile of waste.


July 7, 2017

Nevada Adds More Money to Fight Yucca Mountain Project

The contract extension increases the funding from $300,000 and extends it to Sept. 30, 2018. Despite the project being pronounced dead during the Obama administration, Sandoval said the fight is needed because the Yucca project continues to see support in Congress.


July 2, 2017

Radioactive Waste - Ocean View

and Nowhere to Go

The massive, 150-ton turbines have stopped spinning. The mile-long cooling pipes that extend into the Pacific will likely become undersea relics. High voltage that once energized the homes of more than a million Californians is down to zero.


June 30, 2017

Scientists prepare to debate danger of Yucca Mountain’s volcanic neighbors

A renewed push to bury the nation’s most dangerous nuclear waste northwest of Las Vegas could hinge on competing scientific theories about the hazards of nearby volcanoes.



June 28, 2017

Getting the Nation’s Nuclear Waste Disposal Back on Track

For decades nuclear power has played an important role in generating electricity throughout the country, by accounting for nearly 20 percent of all electricity generated across the United States over the past 30 years.



June 28, 2017


 The Energy and Commerce Committee today will vote on the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2017. H.R. 3053 provides reforms to the nation’s nuclear waste management policy to ensure the federal gov’s legal obligations to dispose of spent nuclear fuel.



June 27, 2017

Nuclear Waste Strategy Coalition

As evidenced by the discussions during the markup of the bill by the Subcommittee on the Environment on June 15th, your Members are not only well aware of the nation’s need to resolve the nuclear waste management dilemma; they are willing to take action!



June 26, 2017

U.S. must better manage nuclear waste storage

“For too long, Texans have paid the federal government and gotten nothing in return when it comes to nuclear power. We are committed to getting our nuclear waste management responsibilities back on track.”



June 15, 2017

Subcommittee passes bill to make Yucca Mountain the U.S. nuclear repository

Despite Nevada protests against it, a measure to make Yucca Mountain the nation's nuclear waste repository advanced in a congressional subcommittee Thursday morning.



June 15, 2017

Nevada sues Texas for trying to kick-start Yucca Mountain

Nevada wants a federal appeals court to dismiss a bid by the state of Texas to kick-start government funding and licensing for a long-fought plan to entomb the nation's most radioactive waste in the desert outside Las Vegas.



Congressman Joe Barton

Chairman of the House Committee on Energy & Commerce since 2004, with principal House responsibility over matters relating to energy, commerce, public health and marketplace interests. Barton is currently the senior Republican and serves as Vice Chairman of the full Energy and Commerce Committee.





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