Timeline History of the Yucca Mountain Project

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Yucca Mountain Project Oral Histories

Steve BradhurstRichard BryanRuss DyerNed ElkinsChic HechtGary HollisBob LouxDon ViethMichael VoegeleJean YounkerIn 2013, interviews were conducted with numerous people—both proponents and opponents—who offered important perspectives on Yucca Mountain. Those people included Yucca Mountain scientists, engineers, and contractors; Department of Energy contractors; county and state officials.  The oral histories listed below were prepared as part of the Nye County Town History Project (NCTHP).


Together, these interviews comprise a body of valuable information obtained from individuals representing a variety of perspectives on this important effort in our nation’s energy history. A credible history of Yucca Mountain cannot be written without incorporation of such variable knowledge and perspectives. If development of a permanent repository at Yucca Mountain moves forward, such information on how the site was evaluated and on the enormous amount of work involved in demonstrating its suitability will prove invaluable once construction begins. The same applies for selection of a second or third repository site, and for the efforts of other nations to construct repositories as well. If the Yucca Mountain effort never moves forward, these interviews still will be helpful in understanding the great effort that went into the evaluation of Yucca Mountain as a site for permanent storage of spent nuclear fuel. It unfortunately also tells how a good part of the more than $11 billion spent in evaluation was in large measure wasted, not for technical faults, but for political expediency.