Waste of a Mountain

How Yucca Mountain Was Selected, Studied, and Dumped


Waste of a Mountain presents the story of the effort to dispose of spent nuclear fuel and high level radioactive waste at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.


The book also describes the history of the United States government’s actions that created the first-ever quantity of high-level radioactive waste and then managed it while the government developed the means, and completed the effort, to identify the approach and location to permanently dispose of that waste. It covers a time frame of more than seventy years and describes the nation’s journey through technically complicated, and societally and politically treacherous territories to unearth and implement the capability to dispose of high-level radioactive waste.


The book presents the extensive story of the Yucca Mountain siting effort in a manner that reflects a perspective from inside the project.All proceeds from the sale of the book have been donated to the Museum and will support the Yucca Mountain exhibits at the Museum.


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US Department of Energy

Yucca Mountain: The Making of an Underground Laboratory


















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